Products: Iman Cosmetics

I recently ordered some new items for my kit from @The_Real_IMAN @IMANcosmetics line and the products arrived last night.  I tried everything out on @celitheactress and am in LOVE with this line!  Iman has hit the nail right on the  head; from the blushes to the powders to the lipsticks, each product  delivers.  Although I have always made due with different cosmetic lines  on women of darker complexions, Iman’s line is specifically catered  towards darker skin tones and effortlessly highlights the natural beauty  in women of color in a way that many other lines cannot even compete  with.

Normally, I would have to blend shades  or be extra careful to avoid that troublesome “ashy” look that can  sometimes appear when using other products on darker skin tones, but  this was not the case with @IMANcosmetics.   I am really happy with the results and will definitely be purchasing  more of the line to use for upcoming weddings, shoots and personal  clients!

I purchased my Iman cosmetics at; you can also find them at at very affordable prices ($7.99 - $15.99! Be sure to check out the  blushing powders, they leave a beautiful glowing finish that can’t be  beat!